Regional Attractions

Here are some places to see during your trip to our farm.  Consult guidebooks, such as Lonely Planet, for detailed information on visiting these sites.

Chitwan National Park.  The upscale resort, Tiger Tops, is just 15 km away.  However, for those on limited budgets or those who have not made prior reservations, the more distant town of Sauraha provides easier access to Nepal’s famous national park.

Asian Rhinoceros, Chitwan National Park

Asian Rhinoceros, Chitwan National Park

Devghat. A famous Hindu pilgrimage site at the confluence of the Trisuli and Sapt Gandaki rivers, Devghat attracts visitors from near and far.

Narayani River.  An easy bicycle ride can take you to the shores of the Narayani River.  Your hosts can provide more information.

Narayanghat and Bharatpur.  To get to our farm, you will pass through these neighboring towns.  They don’t offer much in the way of sightseeing but can be useful places to stock up on necessities and to arrange for transportation.  They also provide a view of the commerce that connects the rural areas of Chitwan.